Directeur artistique

Philippe Mombellet

Artistic director - Lighting designer

Philippe has had a long working career in the area of performing arts and has brought his light engineer know-how and expertise to many dance and theatre companies. He has thus been involved in the lighting creation for 60 operas shows in France and abroad. As Ponctuelle’s artistic director, he gathers and combines all the necessary professional skills in order to achieve and implement each lighting design project.

Chef de Projet

Clémence Vitrac

Project Manager

As an interior designer she acquired experience working on the layout and design of apartments, scenography projects and the field of luxury boutiques. She has now joined the team and brings her knowledge of architecture to the service of lighting design, in her both inseparable. Her role is to draw ligh girds, check the consistency of architectural concepts in close relationship with the client and ensure the follow-up of trademarks.

Chef de projet

Elsa Le Berre

Project Manager

Holder of a degree in architecture, Elsa chose to move towards the light. She starts at Lumières Studio, where she develops her creative and plastic qualities. She continues her evolution at Distylight to deepen the technical dimension of this business. Today, at Punctuelle, she wants to combine, through her architect's vision, light, impalpable, and matter, two elements in her sense inseparable.

Monia Ounis

Project Manager

Graduate in Architecture in Tunisia, Monia discovers light design through a three-year initiation experience alongside Yves Adrien (Atelier coup d'éclat). It follows a return to archecture always keeping a link with the exercise of lighting sometimes as independent, sometimes internally in architecture agencies ... An exercise where the subject remains the experimentation and perception of space.

Chef de Projet

Nora Loli

Project Manager

After her first diploma in architecture in Greece and her reseach on architectural composition at the ENSA La Villette School in Paris, Nora Loli is quickly attracted by the use of light as a principal creative material. She acquires her first skills through stage lighting and soon after continues in the field of architectural lighting design in collaboration with several lighting practices in Paris. All these experiences helped her realize the difficulty of ligthting design; a profession that combines the visual sensibility of an artist and the rigour and precision of scientist, a balancing act in witch she doesn't stop training!...

Chef de projet

Annabelle Fulop

Project Manager

In order to go beyond the technical nature of her studies of engineer in optics, Annabelle joined the MC2 company specialized in lighting solutions. There, she is initiated to the lighting design by Yves Chambaret and becomes conscious of the meaning the light can provide. Then, she spent 5 years as a project manager within ACL agency in various fields : architecture, hotel and museography. She joined Ponctuelle in 2018 to continued to browse borders technology and design.

Chef de Projet

Anna Rita Behar

Project Manager

Graduate in Architecture and Urbanism with a degree in architecture of the building, Anna works in a French company in Brazil: THE LAMP. It highlights several residential, commercial and exhibition projects in collaboration with renowned architectural firms. She then founds her own architectural firm to do a job that respects and reflects the client’s profile and inspirations, where aesthetics and functionality are always top priorities. At Ponctuelle, she continues her search for new knowledge and experiences in the lighting world.

France Dubois

Project Manager

Alongside a career as a visual artist, during which she created various light installations for Paris, Montreal and Toronto Nuit Blanche, France shifted to lighting design. Within the agency, she is in charge of event projects, prototypes of furniture-integrated lighting devices, and relationships with manufacturers.

Christelle Laoun

Project Manager Assistant

Graduate of architecture in Lebanon, Christelle gets a master’s degree specialized in the physical comfort of the human in the building at the ENSAP School of Architecture - Bordeaux. Following an internship in the field of lighting design, she decided to continue her development in the world of lighting at Ponctuelle, as an Assistant Project Manager.

Aurélie Malbranche

Project manager

Coming from a family of Norman craftsmen, Aurélie studied at the National School of Architecture in Normandy. It was with Odile Soudant that she became passionate about light in 2012, and start to work on prestigious private and public projects. Then she developed her technical and the rigor required for monitoring architectural lighting projects with Parisian agencies such as ACL and Seulsoleil. Convinced of the need to be multidisciplinary and non-exclusive, Aurélie then moved back to Normandy as a freelancer, from where she recently worked with l’Observatoire International on museography projects, or more recently with Studio Vicarini on urban and ports. Landscape, urbanism, architecture and design are cross-cutting themes in his work, and the enhancement of design work is at the heart of his priorities.

Chef de projet

Christian Osso

Project Manager

Christian was born and educated in Argentina, Buenos Aires. Light training technician, he sets up his company in France in 2008. For us, he is "El Gaucho". Memories of his country of birth, his tattoos recall the great herds of the "pampas" branded with a hot iron. He has been with Punctuelle for 10 years in all event projects, exhibitions, exhibitions ... Field technician, demanding, passionate, Christian puts his professional skills and mastery of new technologies at the service of the agency.

Coordonnatrice de projets

Marianne Daviaud

Project co-ordinator

Marianne spent several years working for architectural offices and interior designers. Her current role within the agency is to organise, manage procurement contracts, set up the teams and recruit contract workers who will operate in public places and sites.

Assistante de production

Emelyne Metoyer

Production assistant

Originating of Charente-Maritime, she follows a carrier path called "trades of culture" which brings her to study in Paris and Lille, alternating with multidisciplinary practical internship (museums, cinema, theater...) Fascinated by "today's music" , she decided to specialize herself in the field of music, working for festivals and concert halls. The professional "adventures" offer her to experience in technical management an administrtion / production of cultural projets. These knowledge allow to assist Marianne Daviaud for administrative an organizational of the agency.

Chargé de communication

Monique Allain

Communication manager

From photography through the production of images for big shows and production management in cultural engineering for traveling exhibitions, Monique has a multidisciplinary background in the service of the agency she joined in 2012. It puts the life of the agency in perspective through communication via the newsletter and the website.

Christelle Bosc


Management consulting with architects, scenographers, lawyers, doctors, she has been monitoring the company for many years.